Rental Rates:

Rates quoted are for a one-day rental. Special rates are available for longer-term rentals. All prices are for time-out, whether the equipment is used or not.


To insure the availability of the equipment for your event, a reservation should be made well in advance of your event date. A reservation requires a 10% non-refundable deposit and a valid credit card number to be kept on file.


Payment arrangements must be made at the time the reservation is placed.  Credit will be extended to pre-approved accounts only.   All breakage, loss, time delays & cleaning charges are in addition to rental charges.


Delivery service is available throughout Colorado.  Delivery/pickup charges are based on time, distance traveled, and labor.

Delivery to a residential location will be delivered to the garage. Delivery to a commercial location covers delivery to first floor, ground level area that allows for carts with casters to be used or a truck height dock. For deliveries to any other areas, including negotiating up or down stairs, there will be an additional charge.

Delivery quotes do not include set-up or take-down.  These services are available when arranged in advance, for an additional fee.

Please check and count all items upon delivery with our delivery personnel. If no one is available to receive the equipment, our counts on all items must be accepted.


Upon pick-up, all china, glassware, flatware etc., should be rinsed, food-free and re-packed in the transport containers as delivered. For all items returned dirty or not in their proper container there will be an additional charge. Linen should be returned dry, free of food and debris, but not laundered.  Tables & chairs must be folded & stacked and ready for pick-up.

All additional charges including breakage and loss are in addition to the rental fees. China, glassware, etc… will be considered broken if returned chipped. Linens will be considered damaged if there are holes, tears, permanent marks or stains, or adhesives.

If equipment is not ready for pickup at the agreed upon pickup time, additional charges may be incurred.

Loss or damage:

The customer is responsible for the equipment from the time of delivery until the equipment has been pick-up.  Please be sure the equipment is secured when not in use & protected from the weather.  Additional charges will result from missing or damaged equipment.


Tent prices that include set-up & take down are for grass surfaces during normal delivery / pickup hours. Additional charges may apply for set-up on asphalt or other surfaces and for times outside of our normal hours of operation.

A sight inspection, prior to the event date, may be required for some tents. Permits, event insurance & any associated fees are the responsibility of the customer.  It is the customer’s responsibility to contact the dig safe center @ 1-800-922-1987 to have the underground utilities located. The Locate should be completed seven (7) days prior to the scheduled tent set-up date.

All Events, inc. is not responsible for any damage to underground utilities, sprinkler systems, etc.
All prices, including delivery rates, fees, and charges are subject to change without notice. All quotes are valid for duration set on quote.